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Rustling of the Wind

Howdy everyone!

It’s been well over a year since my last actual music post–my deepest apologies–but I assure you that I have been using that time wisely in regards to both education and the study of music. When i say study of music, I refer to the [additional] historical study of composers, their music, and the cultural surroundings that assisted in shaping both (yes, the composer and the music). It was a very pleasurable study that has greatly broadened my horizon in not only musical matters, but also the social implications that surrounded the composer and their compositions. But, that’s enough of talk of that; what about game music? Hrm…that’s a good one.

Actually, my views on video game music has not changed much from the last time I posted here. I greatly respect the field in both academic means and hobby listening. I originally wanted to bring the two into matrimony…and well, that still reigns true today–only without the pretensions that I had originally bore while making such a claim. I began many projects on the field, only to have them halt within days of research. At each roadblock, a inkling came to me as not to take that road of intense research, so as not to begin to abhor it. Me? Abhor video game music and academic research? I never. Well, guess what? it was happening.

This is when I began to take things easy and focus my academic research on Music History, while separating game music as a form of pleasurable enjoyment. Good Idea! But you know what? You would think that would have been the best answer, separate the two and keep them at bay; don’t turn your hobby into a job. Nope, not true! In fact, I shattered that theology’s hold on me when I wrote my [J.S.] Bach Seminar paper on his music in video games, in the form of an ethnography dealing with the youtube community. I had a blast writing! (Thanks YouTube users, horror film writers, and game composers!)

So where does this leave me and video game music research through [intense] academic means? DON’T! Instead, research video game music in a more practical manner that is both fun and educational. It took me a long time to learn that. I’ve always been a bit slow with these things–especially with some technology–so I wasn’t too surprised. So, where does that leave me now? What do I have planned for you guys in the future? Well, nothing really, except my musical musings and soliloquies that will become part of the rustling of the wind that will grace your twitter feed and inbox, ever so sweetly.


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