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Opening the Music Box in LBP2’s Toy Story DLC

The name “Winifred Phillips” isn’t a stranger around these parts, and there’s a darn good reason for that! Her compositional style is not only fascinating in construction, but varied in mood and genre. Little Big Planet 2’s Toy Story DLC is an example of how varied her arsenal is with genres. In this DLC project we see three genres reign supreme: Big Band, Bluegrass, and Symphonic.

What better way to start the Toy Story DLC than presenting the players with a Big Band piece. Toy Story Big Band Theme’s swing-like-feel and mellowness draws out a casual adventure for the players as well keep things really relaxed and hip. I appreciate the nice Andante tempo used than blasting through the piece in a faster tempo. I’m surprised on the fluidity of this piece, as well with that tasty Trumpet and Piano solo halfway into the piece. Good construction and layering.

Toy Story Western Theme’s Honky-tonky-ness and Bluegrass-ness is wonderful. It must haven been a headache trying to layer together all these samples into one solid work. Banjo, fiddle-playin, piano, mouth harp, percussion, ect, filling in one another and falling out for one another; it’s most definitely a treat for the ears. Near the end of the piece you get a taste of Evil-Railroad-Villain piano playing that would fit any Silent Black and White film. This piece was very imaginative and fun, and a genre that I do not think Winifred Phillips has treaded upon until now. Great job!

If you’re a symphonic kind of person, then your ears will swoon to Winifred’s Toy Story Space Theme. Adventerous, dark, and epic are choice words to describe this piece. I would go on even describing this piece as some sort of Tone Poem with its variety in direction and sense of Bravado. Winifred’s forte of the Symphonic style is evident in her past soundtracks, so we could have only expected such quality work from Winifred!

While the music of the DLC may have been limited to only three tracks, they nevertheless prove to be an excellent production of work from Winifred Phillips. Knowing now that her ability to work with genres outside her norm and achieving astounding success is possible, I’d like to hear different genres of music from her in future projects. Much thanks to Winifred Phillips as well her producer, Winnie Waldron, for this exceptional musical product!


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